"From an interactive slime installation to a coronation full of crowns of the utmost imagination, TAKEOUT focuses on activating spaces and minds in entirely unexpected ways."

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"People order take-out food all the time. Why shouldn't

brands and agencies order art and other services the

same way?"

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"The Coronation me hizo entender que la vida

te da una base, pero lo demás lo pones tu."


"A visually stunning and emotionally enriching experience to have."

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"Sain and Cordero use royalty as an expression of excellence and invite guests to crown themselves the kings and queens of how far they have come in their careers."

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"Inspired by the YouTube slime sensation, this show is a multi-sensory experience to counteract the deprivation of people's tactile senses."


"The only show during Art Basel that you can only see

when you cannot see."


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"As a result, visitors of Basel Braille were tricked into interacting with a blind person for the first time in

their lives."